The adventures of three teen royals and foster girl Liv, which began in The Marked Girl, conclude in this exciting sequel.

In the fantasy world of Caelum, Liv, Cedric, and Kat must attempt to defeat an evil traitor and his army to save their families and the kingdom. But they city they left behind is facing its own problems: back in Los Angeles, the sky is orange, gravity isn't working right, and earthquakes shake the ground every few hours. Opening the portals has had devastating effects, and Liv's best friend Shannon and Cedric's frenemy Merek are the only ones who know what's going on -- and that tracking down the murderous Knights of Valere might be the way to fix everything.

It's a race against time as the crew must find a way to reunite and combine their quests to save both worlds.

“Will appeal strongly to many fans of urban fantasy....This will be a satisfying addition to most high school libraries.” (Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA))

“A popcorn fantasy.” (Kirkus Reviews)

The Broken World is an easy-to-read novel with an exciting plot.” (Lucero Rios, Teen Reviewer, VOYA)