What's going on in Bone Lake? The truth may surprise you...

This funny, eerie stand-alone novel is set in small-town Michigan, where Penny, an aspiring journalist, teams up with the nerdy boy next door and the town's star quarterback to find her conspiracy theorist father after he goes missing and several other townspeople turn up dead in the woods.

The deeper she digs, the weirder things start to get. Townspeople repeat the same phrases--verbatim. Men in black suits stroll around Main Street. Chunks of her memory go missing. Pretty soon, Penny's research leads her to the long-ago meteorite crash in Bone Lake's woods, and she's going to have to reconsider her definition of 'real' if she wants answers...

A 2018 Junior Library Guild Selection

A 2019 Michigan Notable Book of the Year (awarded by Library of Michigan)

“Klingele’s spooky, sci-fi-tinged mystery reads like a YA X-Files in the best possible way.” (Booklist)

“A surprisingly heartfelt coming-of-age story wrapped in a zany package.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“[M]arvelous...a believable story for teens who love coming-of-age stories in the vein of Stranger Things or science fiction shows like The Twilight Zone or The X-Files. This one has great appeal for most teens who enjoy classic science fiction and a good mystery.” (School Library Journal)

“A fun and entertaining read. Recommended.” (Teen Librarian Toolbox (SLJ blog))

“Ideal for fans of Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” The Truth Lies Here brilliantly keeps readers second-guessing. Multiple, complex plot lines are woven together with rich, thoughtful characters, and an eerie and unsettling mood hangs over every page. This is the kind of book that keeps you up at night. You won’t want to stop reading until you reach the deeply satisfying and somewhat disturbing conclusion.” (BookPage)